You can test versions of Internet Explorer using the free virtual machines Microsoft provides. If you need to access a local version of a site running in Docker, then you'll need to tweak the VM to be able to access it.

  1. In the VM, open the `hosts` file: C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts
  2. Add the domains of your site to point to - this is the default IP address of your Docker instance running on the host.


my setup uses the *.local domain to get round Android failing on *.dev - change as needed. Also note that the hosts file doesn't support wildcards, so you'll need to list every domain separately.         mylovelysite.local         anothersite.local

The VM will probably complain that you can't overwrite hosts, so just save it as a text file somewhere then drag it to the /etc folder and rename.

You can also access your host machine directly on - this is the localhost of your host machine, not the Docker instance.

The alternative is to set up DNSMasq on your VM to handle this automatically. You may also need to change the Adapter type of your VM (Virtualbox > highlight VM > Settings > Network) to Host-only Adapter; however, mine worked fine without this step.