Repeating commands in the Linux/OSX terminal is easy - press 'up' and the last command you entered will appear. If you're looking for a command you typed yesterday or a week ago though, it's still pretty simple!


The history command lists out all of the commands you've entered along with a number - to repeat the command, type ![number]:


This will repeat the 456th command in the history.

If you've got a lot of commands in history, then you can filter the list to make it easier to find the correct command by using grep:

history | grep 'curl'

The history list will now be filtered to only show commands which contained 'curl', which makes it easier to find the command you're looking for.


Another handy shortcut for repeating commands is Ctrl+R - this will search through your terminal history, so as long as you remember some of the command, this is a quick way to find it.